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How CBD Can Help Your Specific Dog Breed

I’ve been sharing my dog’s success with CBD for a few years now.

In fact, the reason I started this website was because our Golden Retriever Rosie was so successful with CBD.

But I often get a ton of questions from pet owners with all types of dogs.

So, if you’re wondering how CBD can help your specific breed, I have created this resource for you.

But here’s the deal:

The benefits of CBD can really be seen in ALL types of dogs.

What I’ve put together for you here is a list of the top 10 dog breeds, and how CBD can help with their most common ailments.

If your breed is not on this list, don’t worry.

You can search the breed database over on Canna-Pet and find more specific information.

Let’s Start With an Infographic

This Infographic lists the 10 most popular dog breeds, and a common ailment.

For example, #3 is a Golden Retriever with anxiety.

But remember:

Any breed can suffer from any of these ailments, and CBD could potentially help.


The Top 10 Dog Breeds and How CBD Can Help

Below is a list of the 10 most popular dog breeds provided by the American Kennel Club.

Each year the order varies a bit, but I'd say the list below is pretty accurate.

If you want more information on these specific breeds, I've created a full write up on each one.

Let's start with the most common breed:

  1. Labrador Retrievers

CBD can help Labs who suffer from a range of health issues.

3 common areas where CBD can help with this breed are obesity, cancer, and anxiety.

It can also help with Labs suffering from joint pain and skin irritations.

Learn more on the Labrador Retriever ailment page here.

  1. German Shepherds

A common problem with many breeds is hip dysplasia.

This is certainly the case with German Shepherds. Many suffer from joint pain.

One of the best benefits of CBD is pain relief. This has been shown in many studies.

A side benefit to this is that you can treat your dog's pain in a safe way, as CBD does not have any negative side effects which many pain medications do.

Learn more on the German Shepherd ailment page here.

  1. Golden Retrievers

As I've mentioned many times before on this website, our Golden Retriever Rosie had great success with CBD. She suffered from hip dysplasia and cancer.

But probably the most common ailment associated with this breed is separation anxiety.

Many studies have shown that ingredients in these supplements can help reduce stress and anxiety.

Learn more on the Golden Retriever ailment page here.

  1. French Bulldogs

Frenchies are becoming a very popular breed.

One downfall is that they do have a few common ailments.

CBD can help with many of them, and a specific one worth highlighting is allergies.

CBD actually comes in forms such as balms and sprays, which you can use to target areas where your dog is itching too much, or where rashes are popping up.

Learn more on the French Bulldog ailment page here.

  1. English Bulldogs

The Bulldog is another very popular breed which has quite a few health concerns.

CBD can help with many, and specifically it can help with various skin conditions.

In fact, it's believed that CBD could be a main ingredient in new natural medications aimed at treating skin conditions and diseases.

Lear more on the English Bulldog ailment page here.

  1. Beagles

If your dog suffers from seizures, you should strongly consider using CBD with them.

The Beagle seems to suffer from epilepsy more than some other breeds.

Unfortunately this is usually a lifelong condition, and medications can sometimes cause unwanted side effects.

But CBD has shown some amazing results in dogs suffering from seizures. Although it's not labelled as a cure, it has helped many dogs reduce the frequency and severity of their seizures.

Learn more on the Beagle ailment page here.

  1. Poodles

Poodles suffer from some skin conditions, but they're probably best known for having Patellar Luxation.

This is more common in Miniature and Toy Poodles.

CBD can help Poodles because of its pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties. It can help reduce swelling around the knee, which may prevent the condition from getting worse.

Learn more on the Poodles ailment page here.

  1. Rottweilers

With lots of exercise, Rottweilers are pretty healthy dogs, however every breed seems to suffer from a few common ailments.

For Rottweilers, I've found that cancer, specifically osteosarcoma, is a common ailment that pet owners treat with CBD.

This is a very aggressive bone cancer, and the survival rates are not great. Because CBD is such a powerful pain killer and anti-inflammatory, it can really help dogs be as comfortable as possible when dealing with this, and other cancers.

Learn more on the Rottweiler ailment page here.

  1. Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkies can live to be teenagers, however they do still have some common ailments.

One area, among many, where CBD can help with this breed is with anxiety and aggression.

Many Yorkshire Terriers can develop behavioral issues and CBD may be able to help. It is believed that CBD may be able to help the symptoms of anxiety and aggression. Many pet owners have reported that their dogs are much more calm when taking CBD.

Learn more on the Yorkshire Terrier ailment page here.

  1. Boxers

Colitis is a condition that unfortunately can affect quite a few Boxers.

This is a condition which is caused by chronic inflammation in the colon.

Again, the good news for dogs suffering from this condition, or other irritable bowel diseases is that CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory. This is probably the best "feature" of CBD, because it can be beneficial for so many conditions, and Boxers all around the world are seeing good results with it.

Learn more on the Boxers ailment page here.


Is Your Dog NOT on This List?

Don't worry.

Just head over to Canna-Pet.com and search for your specific dog breed.

They have a full database on every breed.