Hound Harmony

2 in 1 Pet Dry Hair Comb


2 in 1 Pet Dry Hair Comb High Quality Portable Grooming Machine Anion Wind Dryer Dog Cat Massager


1. Negative ion electric hot air comb, straight hair comb,
2. Rapid temperature rise, small sound.
3. Plastic brackets.
4. Simple operation, multi-position adjustment;
5. The comb can be removed to remove debris;
6. LED work indicator, temperature adjustable, front end temperature 120 °C.
7. Rated power: 1000-1190w.
8.360° rotating power cord.
9. After heating, release a large amount of negative ions, repair the hair, and make the pet's hair more supple.
10. Combs of high-quality materials with a comfortable massage effect.
Product Advantages:
1. After heating, release 6 million high-concentration negative ions, lock in moisture, and restore hair quality.
2. Intelligent temperature control device / When the temperature is too high, the protection measures are stopped to stop working, and the operation is automatically resumed after the low temperature cooling.
3. Built-in insulation layer to isolate high temperature and prevent fire.
4. High quality nylon material / high temperature resistant, flame retardant, crack resistant and flexible.
5. Silent design of 7 blades of wind / rotating rhythm, high air volume and fast drying time.

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