Hound Harmony

Extendable Flirt Pole

  1. New design: lightweight and strong aluminum alloy telescopic rod, the rod can be extended up to 68 cm, the rope length is 104 cm, the handle is comfortable and non-slip, and the structural design reflects that it can withstand greater force.
  2. High safety rope: high-quality nylon bungee rope, anti-tension, anti-tangling, tough rope is very suitable for medium and large dogs, can be used as a training tool to provide dogs with physical exercises.
  3. Rope toy upgrade: the handmade rope toy is made of high-quality flannel, which is not easy to produce fragments. It can also clean the dog's teeth to a certain extent. It is equipped with two different colors to attract the dog's attention, which can be changed as needed.
  4. User suggestion: you can play with the dog in the yard or garden to keep the dog healthy. If your dog bites the rope, please don't pull it out of the dog's mouth forcibly, because it may hurt the dog's teeth. You can pat your dog until it puts the rope down on its own.
  5. Note: the rope toy is not attached to the pole, please do not allow pets to bite the pole or wire directly.

Material: nylon bungee cord, alloy pole
Size: the rod can be extended from 36 cm to 68 cm, length of rope 104 cm. cloth strip 35 cm

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