Hound Harmony

Giant Tennis Ball Interactive Toy


✔️ PROMOTES ACTIVE PLAY EVEN FOR OLDER DOGS - With time, you must have seen your pet feeling lethargic or inactive for most of the day. But with this, Giant Tennis Ball you may now offer them something to bite or chew which will keep them engrossed. This would even entail some sort of physical play. Since this product is made of rubber, it is bouncy strong, durable, and bite-resistant.

✔️ KEEPS YOUR PET PHYSICALLY & MENTALLY FIT - To keep your pet physically active and mentally stimulated, use this as a fetch ball. It will help in promoting the endurance and strength of the animal and serves as a healthy outlet for instinct and energy. It is the playtime that keeps the pet healthy and without toys, they may indulge in unruly behavior.

✔️ DISCOURAGES AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR - Dogs and cats often resort to aggression to relieve stress and loneliness. The bright green color of the toy arouses pet’s interest easily and kills their boring time.

This ball is made of a rubber core of a basketball and common felt of tennis ball, it's much thicker than a normally pet tennis ball.

But if your doggie is very naught or fierce, please choose it discreetly. 

6.3/24 cm Diameter Tennis Ball, Super thick!
Color: as picture

Package: 1 X Dog Tennis Ball Toy

6.3/24 cm Diameter Tennis Ball, Super thick!
Color: as picture

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