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We want to offer your fluffy friend something special...

When it comes to a dog's well-being, water is as important as quality sleep. However, your dog's body will naturally lose water all day. As a result, dehydration may occur which a serious problem.

For this not to happen, your dog needs water wherever they go. Whenever you and your dog are outdoors it is crucial to bring water with you for them to drink. 

But do you have a portable bottle that can be taken everywhere?


We know how annoying it can be to carry a bowl and water bottle every time you go out for a long walk or hike with your dog. Fortunately, we combined both with the portable drinking bottle

With this portable feeder now you can keep your dog hydrated all day.

Press the button to feed the water, release the button to block the water, it works like magic.

Never waste a single drop - accidentally poured too much or your dog didn't finish all of the water? No problem! Simply switch the button and the water will retract back into the bottle. Easily flip the switch to allow the flow of water into the container or lock it in. This process is much easier than having to take out your bowl, pour water into it, and putting the wet bowl back into your pack.

it is really the easiest way to give your dog water.


Comes with a wrist strap so even if you haven’t got a bag, you can wear the bottle around your arm and take your dog for a walk with no problem. It holds 19 ounces of water (~550ml).

Choose yours in stunningly beautiful colors & keep your dog healthy now.

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